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History in the Making: WESN’s 4th Anniversary

History is in the making. It always has been, always will be — whether those writing it are aware of that fact or not. 

This October marks our four year anniversary as a brand. Four years since we started our journey and launched the Kickstarter for a little knife we believed in called the Microblade. From that moment forward, WESN was born and our expectations have constantly been blown out of the water by the ways you’ve shown up to support us. 

In the same way we have been inspired by, pulled from, and are made by history, we strive to make it. 

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When Henry Ford released the Model-T in 1908 and developed the assembly line as a cheaper and more effective means of production, knowing it or not, he forever revolutionized the American workforce and auto industry. Cutting significant costs and boasting more effective production, this single innovation shaped the future to come and world as we know it. 

Four years into this adventure, we’re making history in our own way. 

The WESN Collection Giveaway

Once in a while, looking back can be productive. As we reflect on the stories we’ve told through our products and the years of passion and creativity, we’re finding ourselves with more inspiration than ever. 

On our trip down memory lane, we assembled the complete WESN Collection to appreciate where we started, where we are, and where we’re going. Then, we had a thought. 

To celebrate our fourth, we’re giving away the entire WESN Collection. That’s right, one of every single knife, sheath, and good we’ve made. All of it, to one ambitious soul. 

From now until October 29th, you can enter to win it all here! But keep reading — you have an opportunity to up your chances significantly!

Giveaway from WESN

Four years, four knives, countless stories

Like Jacque Cousteau’s extensive undersea investigations contributed to our understanding of the ocean, or how Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay shocked the world by becoming the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest, each knife we’ve crafted signifies a milestone and pivotal moment in our ever expanding history.

You already know our story, but now, we want to know yours. 

From the feeling you got the first time you opened that box and pulled out your favorite WESN product, to the endless adventures you’ve had with your knife by your side, we want to hear your favorite WESN story. For your troubles, we’ll even throw in fifteen extra giveaway entries.

Simply look for the "get more entries" section, after you've joined the giveaway and click “Tell us your WESN story!”

Our team will choose some of our favorites and feature them in an upcoming journal entry and on our instagram, making sure to tag you so others can follow your journey.

WESN Collection, Enter thee giveaway

Cheers to the future!

So… West, East, South, North — wherever you look, the horizon is brighter than ever. 

To those who helped write our tale by believing in us and helping fund a kickstarter campaign; to the one who has worked his Allman to the bone; the titanium fanatics, the color variant collectors; and to those who just hopped on the train — our history has just started being written, and we’re thankful to piece it together alongside every one of you. 

Thank you, and happy fourth!

The WESN Team