The WESN Samla X Momotaro Jeans

The WESN Samla X Momotaro Jeans

We all strive to have a purpose; an Ikigai. (Read our article about Ikigai here.)

No matter what we’re doing or where we are, our lives are constantly headed somewhere. When we’re kids, perhaps that direction is reaching for another treat from the cookie jar. As adults, it’s probably not quite so simple. 

When we get older, it’s all too often that nostalgia can rear its unsightly head when reflecting back on the innocence of childhood and the late nights of the adolescent years. 

Undoubtedly, aging isn’t heralded as the coolest thing to do, (especially not by a generation that coined the term OK Boomer...), but it certainly shouldn’t hold all the negative baggage that it carries.

Aging with style. Wearing in but not wearing out. Now that’s something that doesn’t get talked about enough. 

This is an essential mentality to have while designing our knives. When a product is crafted with quality in mind, it should look better the longer you use it and break it in.  

After recently reaching our Kickstarter goal for The Samla in just a couple of hours, we felt it was once again time to start brainstorming with our friends in heritage denim brand Momotaro Jeans…

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Momotaro and their uncompromising commitment to aging with style. After the response to our WESN X Momotaro Microblade last year, we immediately knew another collaboration was only a matter of time away.

Thus, the WESN X Momotaro Samla was born! Once again, get ready to wear your stripes and carry them too.

Momotaro has been weaving their passion and Ikigai into every strand of cotton traveling from their ancient shuttle looms to each indigo garment, and now, they’ve put a bit of themselves into our newest knife. 

Fitted with a Swedish Sandvik steel blade and handle that’s one side titanium scale and one side Micarta made from 12oz Momotaro Denim with a pink G10 liner, this knife is handcrafted for durability and to age with style

Just like a good pair of broken-in denim, you’ll see every cut, slice, and story told through the fades and wear on your Momotaro Samla. The longer you carry this knife, the better it will get, every detail being uniquely yours.