The WESN MT — the multi tool for the 21st century city dweller

The WESN MT: Purpose Gets Practical


It’s the one underlying concept behind every object that’s ever been created, behind every invention that’s gone from idea to fruition.

Even so, not every object is used for its intended purpose. Spending a day in the garage fixing up the car with dad can prove such. While searching for the screwdriver you haven’t seen in months, he mutters, “anything can be a screwdriver,” and reaches for his rusty old pocket knife. Hey, it’ll still get the job done.

When creating our newest product, the MT, we sought to solve the dad-using-the-wrong-tool situation by creating the most honed and minimalistic multi tool you’ve seen so far — all at a size that dad always can have on his keychain. 

The WESN MT Pry Bar

Birth of the multi-tool

If one thing is to be said of Karl Essener, it’s certain that he was a man of purpose.  

His name probably doesn’t ring a bell, yet Karl is the chief pioneer behind the multi-tool movement; the father of the Swiss Army Knife. 

One of the world’s most recognizable knife brands originated as a simple blade that the Swiss Military used to open canned food and disassemble their rifles.

It was Essener who saw more potential in the millitary’s early design. Rather than just canned food and rifle disassembly, what if it could do a whole lot more?

After winning a manufacturing contract in auction, he began years of redesigning from the ground up. Fitted with scissors, a corkscrew, and a handful of other essential widgets — the multi-tool was born.

Instead of looking to others, Karl Essner looked to the needs of his military and the specific challenges his tool could overcome. While the Swiss Army Knife has been copied many times, nothing else takes the same place in history — because it was made with a specific purpose in mind: To make the daily lives of the Swiss military more practical.

When asking what we would need in a multi-tool to solve problems in our urban, modern lives — it’s natural that we’d end up with a completely different product. But the purpose is the same: effectively solving every-day issues. This time for the 21st century urban dwellers.

The WESN MT Bottle Opener

What you need — nothing more

Driven by purpose, inspired by practicality, our MT is an essential tool for the everyday man

The MT is a milled titanium multi purpose tool with a low profile for easy daily carry.

Dialing in on classic WESN minimalism and coming in at 2.75 inches in length, the tool features a flathead screwdriver / scraper, a bottle opener, and a pry bar.

Don’t let the simple appearance fool you. The MT is sleek, sturdy, and ready to put in work. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. From cracking open a cold beer at the family BBQ; tightening a screw or opening a box; prying open that stubborn paint can lid while fixing up the apartment — the MT is there for it. 

It’s time to give your everyday carry more purpose.