The Knife Care Guide

The Knife Care Guide

We’ve noticed that in today’s culture it’s normal to simply throw things away when they no longer function like new.

As a result, our landfills are packed with consumer goods that could have had a second life if the owner had understood proper care and maintenance.

In the end, we can only hold ourselves accountable if our customers don’t know how to properly care for their WESN. To ensure that your WESN is always functioning and in top condition, we’ve put together a basic guide that can be used again and again.

1) Protect

Sometimes it’s easier to prevent damage than it is to fix the damage.

We’ve designed our leather sheaths to fit perfectly around our knives. They don’t only protect against unwanted scratches or a chipped blade, but they also protect your knife from getting dust and dirt in the precision movement.

Here’s a thought; just because your iPhone will turn back on when you drop it, doesn’t mean you don’t need a phone case. 

2) Clean

We recommend cleaning your WESN only when you need to.

Slicing up some fruit or stripping some bark off a branch will leave a sticky residue that attracts dust and dirt. Over time this will negatively affect the action on your knife. With some hot water and a very small amount of dish soap, you may carefully hand wash your WESN.

Once all of the soap and grime is rinsed off, take special attention to thoroughly dry off your WESN with a microfiber towel.

3) Lubricate

For a smooth open and close action, lubrication is essential.

Whether we use phosphorus bronze washers or ceramic roller bearings, a drop of synthetic lubricant with increase the life of your WESN.
Our favorite lubricant is Pete’s Lube.

Easy to apply and you only need to add one drop after cleaning.

4) Sharpen

If your blade is razor-sharp, that probably means you’re not using it.

No matter what steel alloy your blade is made of, if you’re using it, it will lose it’s edge over time. 

Instead of going to the local Cutlery Specialist every time you want to get your edge back, we designed our own pocket-sized version. Perfect for your EDC bag or leaving it at your desk in the office.

Easy to use, our highly intuitive sharpener will bring the dullest blade back to life. If you’re keen to learn the sharpening process we wrote another journal entry about it here.

At WESN we create knives that your grandchildren will be excited to inherit when you’re finished with them.