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Blades in the City: Finding the Right Pocket Carry for Urban Survival

"Knives are like credit cards; don't leave home without 'em and always carry several."Richard Marcinko

We get it. When your ranch is a condo, your backyard a bus stop, and your ‘catch’ is a box of ready-to-go sushi, carrying a knife can feel a little redundant. 

As avid EDC enthusiasts, knife designers, and city dwellers, WESN adopts a nuanced approach for knife-carry in an urban environment. Consciously creating a highly functional yet stylish line, which blends the edginess of the city with the rawness of nature.

A small knife for the big city is how we’d describe The WESN Microblade. Measuring a  compact  2.25” closed/3.75¨ open, it slips like a secret into your pocket. Built with pocket clip and keychain hole, it’s a discreet accessory to compliment your daily armour, whether you’re going casual or formal. Its ‘micro-ness’ certainly helps quell any ‘dangerous weapon’ aspects by looking cool, calm and collected on a keychain. 

In the city where there is more of everything, it makes sense that the mechanics of your knife also gives you options. The Allman’s dual-frame lock or liner lock functionalities gives you even more flexibility to cover a variety of every-day tasks in a demanding metropolis. Our WESN city fans use it to cut open boxes, packaging, rope, plastic, and even as a screwdriver. 

WESN Microblade leaning in the city

For traditional folk, craving the nostalgic craftsmanship of an older-style knife, The Henry is the ultimate hardwired hipster (yes, we went there). A beautiful blade consistent with the aesthetic mold of the yesteryear, but with modern mechanics which allow for a slicker, more ergonomic feel than your average vintage model. This multi-mode blade is prepared to dice an apple on your desk or hack up meat for a bush stew around the campfire. Or, get extra creative and sculpt a piece of art with it in your downtown studio.

Finding the right EDC companion for the asphalt jungle is an interesting journey, but downsizing doesn’t have to mean a downgrade in blade quality nor strength. With a WESN by your side, you can rise to all city challenges (even the legal ones!) without losing any rural cred.