The Samla: Your Food Prep Friction Folder

The Samla: Your Food Prep Friction Folder

There’s nothing like really just getting out there

Wind at your back — it’s only you, a good backpack, and the elements.

Reveling in the crisp sensation of the air and taking in the smell of the pines, you reach down into your right pocket and grab your newest trail companion: The Samla.

Inspired by our Scandinavian heritage and steeped in our love for the wilderness, the Samla is our latest knife — a friction folder made with food prep and foraging in mind. 

A Scandinavian story

The northern region of Scandinavia is a place where only the roughest, toughest, and best prepared thrive. You’ve heard the legends, you’ve seen the movies. It’s the land of the vikings.

The WESN Samla

This is no place for just any knife. Without a reliable blade in hand, it can be a remote wilderness, reluctant to yield its resources. But with the right one — durable steel; an unrelenting edge — an abundance of wild game, fish and forage reveal themselves.

Being that half of our team resides in Stockholm, Sweden, we get glances of the vikings when they wander down once in a while. Let us be the first to tell you that the stories about the people up north, they’re all true.

A tool for the modern hunter-gatherer

If you’re not an expert in Swedish, the word ’samla’ translates to ‘gather’ in English. Imbued in the name of every knife we’ve designed so far is a story about that specific blade’s history and inspiration. The Samla is no different — it’s a knife created for gathering. 

The WESN Samla

The nordic hunter-gatherers carried as little in supplies and weapons on them as possible to make space for spoils to bring back home. To make a true trail knife, we knew we needed to make it compact without compromising on toughness or durability. While the Samla is extremely light when carried, it’s more than versatile enough for food prep or precision cutting around camp.

It’s the knife that won’t let you down when you venture to the edge.

Time to blaze those trails 

While the vikings and hunter gatherers didn’t have much in common at face value, they shared one vital similarity. 

They couldn’t make it without the proper tools. 

It takes a blade imbued with strength, quality, and craftsmanship to make the wilderness home. 

It takes the Samla.

The WESN Samla Coffee