WESN x Momotaro Jeans The Momotaro Samla

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Available previously only via the Samla Kickstarter, we've crafted the first and only public run of the Momotaro Samla. These knives are handmade in Sweden, and a true homage to heritage craft. 

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Carry Your Battle Stripes

Handmade in Stockholm, every Momotaro Samla is 100% unique. Each knife has different denim bleeds, markings, patterns that make it individual — that make it yours. As you carry this knife, it will fade and wear like your favorite pair of jeans.

The WESN x Momotaro Collab


Denim sourced from Momotaro


Denim crafted into handles



Knives made and hand assembled

This final run is extremely limited. Each knife comes numbered 1 of 100, and is certified by both WESN and Momotaro.