WESN x Bellwether Supply Cobalt Blue Leather Sheath

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WESN x Bellwether

We’ve teamed up with our leather crafting friends at Bellwether Supply to bring a Cobalto Blue colored twist to our classic knife sheaths. Discovered originally in the early 1800’s by a Spanish explorer on a journey to find a new royal color, Cobalt Blue has been turning heads everywhere it shows up, and it’s ready to add some flair to your EDC.

Handmade in Colorado, USA with high quality vegetable tanned leather sourced from France and produced in Italy, you can rest easy knowing that your WESN will be protected in style. 

Leather Specs: 

Tannery: Conceria La Perla Azzurra

Leather: Dakota

Color: Cobalto

Type: Vegetable Tanned

We've made 50 of these very limited edition sheaths for all of our current knife models; The Microblade, Allman, and Henry. Once they're gone, they're gone.