The Bornas

The Bornas, a WESN Knife A Modern Fixed Blade

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The Bornas Story

Looking to Our Past

In 1967, our founder’s Grandfather left the city and began building his farm in the Swedish countryside. Starting from the ground up, he dedicated all he had to construct his family homestead.

Our new fixed blade knife is the ultimate culmination of this spirit of grit and craftsmanship.

WESN Bornas, Features
Wood G10
The WESN Bornas

Versatility in Focus

When designing our next knife, we wanted a blade that could handle both the backcountry and the urban lifestyle. Low profile for the city, durable in the outdoors.

Measuring in at just under 6”, we’ve shedded the bulk that other fixed blades are known for, exchanging these qualities for a unique and modern design.

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“WESN is making EDC products you’ll actually use and they will last" Gear Patrol

Handcrafted Quality, Minimalist Core

With the Bornas marking our fifth knife, we spared no attention to detail in designing our strongest, boldest blade yet — while still remaining minimalist in our design process.

The WESN Bornas
The New Bornas Knife from WESN with Leather Sheath
The WESN Bornas

Made in Sweden

Inspired by our Swedish family farm of the same name, there was only one place in the world we could make this knife. We’re proud to announce that the Bornas is our first knife made in Sweden.

The Bornas, a WESN Knife

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