Your Summer EDC Survival Guide | WESN

Your Summer EDC Survival Guide

How we at WESN gear up for a summer weekend away. 

For us, the perfect Summer day might be kayaking Lake Travis outside of Austin TX, or hiking in the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. However the perfect Summer day looks like to you, we want you to be well equipped and ready to enjoy it. Here we’ve compiled a small list of our favorite everyday Summer essentials. Like all EDC that we recommend, there are certain standards that we stick to. The must-haves include quality engineering, minimalistic design, and the best choice materials. These are our favorite pieces that we’re not leaving home without.

Sunnies from Genusee

As we navigate moving around the world more thoughtfully, curious travelers are also reflecting on how their purchasing power can empower the environment. Buying a pair of Genusee’s expertly designed specs does just that. With every order, Genusee is able to upcycle 15 water bottles and create job opportunities in their hometown of Michigan, Flint. 

Sunscreen from Lucky Bastard

The dudes behind the gents’ solution to chapped lips are now serving up some serious sunscreen protection in their growing skincare line. This heavy-duty, all-natural SPF is built for all things outdoorsy. From those baking-hot hikes and midday sea swims (yes, it’s coral reef friendly) to those and outdoor picnics. Smells good too. 

Brass Pen from G2

Something about this handsome, solid brass pen helps those profound thoughts flow from hand to paper. This worthwhile investment is refillable and comes with a lifelong guarantee, so you can take it from your desk to pocket for many trips to come.  

The WESN Allman

Our iconic everyday carry pocket knife is now available to pre-order, just in time to pack––or pocket– for your camping weekender. This model has been thoughtfully designed with all the best ‘big knife’ characteristics distilled into a palm-sized 2.8” blade. Making it the perfect accompaniment for traveling light on a heavyweight adventure. 

Field Journal from Lochby

Made with wear-and-tear resistant wax canvas and air-craft grade aluminum locks, Lochby’s range of premium field journals combine gritty robustness in a sleek package. With extra space for your passport, i-pad and office get up, rounding things off nicely, your writing/sketching kit will be truly locked and loaded for all those epic journeys ahead.