What Your EDC Says About You

What Your EDC Says About You

The story of your life is being told by the items you carry with you every single day.

It’s easy to see this in your dad’s oldest pair of work boots, in your Grandma's cooking, or if you asked Grandpa to empty his pockets...

It’s true that everything you own reflects something about you, but it’s those you wield every day specifically that tend to be the most personal. These items are known as Everyday Carry, or EDC for short. If you don’t think what you carry has much importance, allow us to discuss ‘The Uncle Theory’.

It’s mid July, the sun is high in the sky, the grill is steaming and you’re settled at a family BBQ in the suburbs. Dad’s grilling something for everyone, life is good, and after the majority of the family has already eaten, in walks Uncle Dennis. 

You see, we all have an Uncle Dennis. That one Uncle that’s always ‘fashionably late’, except, it’s not so fashionable. You never really know what he’s gonna say, and in front of whom he’s gonna say it. While the sweat pours down his brow from the jog he’s broken into while ignoring half the family so he can scrounge up the last of the hot dogs, he finally takes a seat across from you. Breathing a stressed sigh of relief, he slams down his wallet and keys on the table. You’ve seen them before, there’s no way you could forget them.

It’s impossible to ignore the worn red lanyard that’s threads are frayed beyond the point of no return, and the carabiner the size of west Texas with what you’re guessing is at least twenty six keys attached to it... those keys, what could they possibly all go to? Also, we can’t forget the fat leather wallet stuffed to the brim with receipts, gift cards, and anything else that isn’t cash, moments away from bursting open and causing a scene they’ll talk about at every family gathering for the next year.

Now all this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and of course in the end, you love Uncle Dennis for who he is, but still, he’s just kind of that guy.

You don’t have to be that guy.

It’s likely we all know an uncle Dennis, or at least, a friend with a bit too clunky of a keychain. 

Your EDC is what carries you through every day. Every object should serve a purpose, and you should rest easy knowing that whatever the task, they’ll be able to get you through it. Just as you wake up in the morning to do your hair while organizing yourself for the day, your EDC should be put together and prepared to take on the day with you. 

When your objects are crafted with excellence and practicality in mind, these values translate over into your own life. Your EDC is a reflection of who you are, and who you strive to be. 

If you’re stuck here thinking, ‘You know what, maybe I am that guy’ it’s never too late to start writing your story.