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WESN x Momotaro

There’s one Japanese concept that we’re especially drawn to: Ikigai. Simply put, it means "a reason for being". It gives reference to having a direction or purpose in life, making your life worthwhile, and by taking action it gives satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. It’s the sweet spot in the middle of where your Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession collide.

Ask yourself: What are you good at, what do you love, what does the world need, and what can you be paid for?

Kinda deep, we know, and what does this have to do with knives?

Ikigai is about finding balance in moving towards a direction that gives your life meaning or a reason for being. For us, our Ikigai is the products we create.

We have deep respect towards other brands that have found their Ikigai. One of these brands is the heritage denim brand Momotaro Jeans. 

Their passion and Ikigai is woven into every strand of cotton that makes its way from their ancient shuttle looms to the finished indigo garment. We’ve been fans of theirs for the past decade and we wanted to pay homage to their uncompromising style and passion for quality. 

In this limited run we’ve made some tasteful tweaks to our classic Microblade.

The signature samurai “going to battle” stripes are applied with a tough, wear-resistant PVD coating. The Stop Pin has been modified in pink anodized steel. We decided to keep the classic shape and size for the titanium body, and go with AUS8 premium Japanese steel blade. We’re excited about the overall design and how good it looks with a broken-in pair of Momotaro Jeans.