WESN X Bellwether Supply

WESN X Bellwether Supply

Some colors just demand attention.

Whether it’s catching a quick glimpse of the elderly woman waltzing down the street in her shining red overcoat, or the construction worker donning their stark neon yellows and oranges; some pigments are designed for our eyes to have a strong reaction.

While we don't always design with such colors, they're still a source of inspiration. One color in particular is our new friend, Cobalt blue.

A royal color since 1807

In the early 1800’s, a Spanish explorer by the name of Thénard was commissioned by Napoleon to find a new blue pigment to dye royal clothing, as the others available at the time were becoming scarce and extremely expensive. After years of experimentation with numerous cobalt pigments, Thénard finally perfected his variation of the deep blue color in 1807. Shortly after, mass production began, and since then, Cobalt Blue has been turning heads everywhere it’s seen.

Vincent Van Gogh went as far to declare that Cobalt Blue “Is a divine color and there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things.” You probably recognize the stark hue from his painting ‘Starry Night’

We’ve partnered up with our leather crafting friends over at Bellwether Supply to liven up our knife sheaths with a bit of cobalt shine. Meet the WESN X Bellwether Supply Cobalto Blue Sheath.

Cobalt Blue Leather Sheaths

Your WESN wrapped in cobalt blue — Limited Time Only

With high quality vegetable tanned leather sourced from France and produced in Italy, this cool colored sheath will protect your WESN with some extra blue flare.

This collaboration is an exclusive release available only on our website. We’re releasing fifty sheaths for each of our knives, and once they’re gone, you won’t find them again.

Cobalto blue sheath