Routine Maintenance — The WESN Care Kit

Routine Maintenance — The WESN Care Kit

In order to break in without breaking down, there’s always some necessary upkeep. 

Annoying as it can be, there's good reason why cars need their oil changed, or why we get a yearly checkup from our doctor. The more miles we put on — be it our vehicles or our bodies — the more maintenance may be required.

If that’s the way we function, why would we expect the life of our tools to be any different?

WESN Maintenance Kit

Making maintenance a lifestyle

Since the start, we’ve proudly boasted a lifetime guarantee on every product we’ve made. If an issue comes up during the lifespan of your knife, we’ll send you new parts — or even fix or replace it. 

While we stand by this guarantee and are proud to have it available, it is a last resort solution. Our biggest goal is to put the power in your hands. We want to help you maintain your knife so the warranty isn’t even needed and your tools remain effective. 

As the ultimate embodiment of this philosophy, we put together the WESN Care Kit. 

The WESN Care Kit

Comfortably compact & filled with everything you need

Loaded into a neatly packed and embossed WESN tin, the Care Kit contains:

Shop Rag

For wiping down and cleaning up — a good shop rag is priceless. The uses and applications are endless. 

Leather Working Mat

For keeping it all together — an effective mobile workspace. Eager to be placed comfortably in the workshop or in your garage on the go, it all revolves around the working mat. 

Pocket Sharpener 

For getting back your edge — staying sharp was never easier. Our pocked sized sharpening plate will keep your knives cutting at their absolute best. 

Sharpener Sheath & Strop Combo

For protecting — but also utility. This sheath is multi-purpose, both the front and back side act as a strop. While the back is rough, the front is finished to give you a full four steps of sharpening — two from the stone, two from the sheath. And hey, you protect your knives with a sheath, so why not your sharpener? 

Strop Compound

For polishing up — going the extra mile. A green compound to be used on the leather sheath / strop to shine up those edges after using the sharpening stone.

Pete’s Lube 

For staying smooth — with just one drop. Pete’s exists to help your knife operate smoothly and to clear any rust away. It’s the perfect product to use to keep your knife in the best condition.  Hand-made in the USA, this bottle might just last you a lifetime if used correctly. 

Time to get to work

It’s simple. You can’t expect your tools to maintain you without maintaining them.

We’ve carefully hand-packed 350 of these limited edition Care Kits, and they’re ready to find their place in the midst of your garage and ever growing WESN collection.

Fixing up has never been so simple, and it’s never looked better either. 

The WESN Care Kit is available now — alongside the best deals of the year happening now for Black Friday!

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The WESN Care Kit