International Knife Sharpening Day

International Knife Sharpening Day

Let’s make the world sharp again, one knife at a time

International Knife Sharpening Day is April 9th. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this sacred holiday previously,  this is the first year you can celebrate it. 

While we scoured the internet in search of a day intended for the global sharpening of knives, we realized the horrible truth that no such day existed… yet. 

There’s National Knife Day on August 24th, September 8th is International Knife Throwing Day. An entire day devoted to pencil sharpeners on March 31st — but nowhere to be found is a day specifically for sharpening your blades.

With this in mind, and noting the uncanny resemblance between the words ‘ninth’ and ‘knife’ — we’ve declared April 9th International Knife Sharpening Day.

As long as knives have existed, they’ve needed sharpening

Prehistoric people would grind their tools on rugged rocks to maintain effectiveness. Throughout the viking age and medieval times, robust whetstones were used to keep swords and spears sharp for battle. 

Our daily battles look a bit different. Fortunately since then, we’ve been able to dial down the size of a grinding wheel quite a bit.

When we created our Pocket Sharpener, we put our all into creating the most compact, practical, and effective sharpener on the market. Constructed from electroplated diamond and a slim ceramic plate, it’s easy to take anywhere you need and able to keep your blade cutting at its best. Also, it has the benefit of looking — for lack of a better word — sharp.

Satisfy all your sharpening needs in one carefully curated kit

In preparation for the big day, we’re releasing the Sharpening Kit on April 4th. Included in this bundle is our pocket sharpener and its leather sheath / strop combo, strop compound, and the Wolfpack Work Rag. If you buy the kit together, you’ll save 20% off every product within it. If you’ve already got yourself a sharpener, you can still buy each individual piece of the kit. 

The Sharpening Kit

Whether you know everything there is about sharpening or if it's still uncharted territory, it’s time to band together and celebrate this ancient art form. After all, your knife is in the spotlight 364 days a year — it’s only right that we give one day to the tool that maintains them. 

Join the movement!

If you haven’t yet, grab yourself a sharpener or kit, then dive into our guide on how to properly sharpen your knife.

When April 9th arrives:

Take up your blade.

Sharpen it.

Take a photo of your rejuvenated knife.

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As a people, a global community — it’s time to get our edge back. See you on the sharper side!